The Minister’s Message

Rev. Ron Palumbo

Rev. Ron Palumbo


I had a beautiful home built in California in 2003… and named my home “Sanctuary.”

To me, every home should be a sanctuary to all who live there. All homes should be a place where the person(s) living there are nurtured. Nurturing means that we are renewed whenever we are ‘home.’ Our energy is uplifted… we are encouraged and empowered… we are re-energized (so to speak) at all times when we are in our “home.”

The good news is this: even if our home situation is not nurturing us (as it could be doing), all of us have within us our own personal sanctuary.

It is our Divine Sanctuary.

It is always open. It is always ready for us to visit. It always offers us safety, comfort, and sublime peace! We enter this Divine Sanctuary whenever we take time to ‘be still’… and take time to listen to the ‘still, small voice’ within us.

As we rest and deeply relax in our Divine Sanctuary of Stillness… we are moving into the highest form of prayer. Thus, in addition to being ‘renewed’ by resting in the Silence… we are also blessed as this process expands our spiritual awareness over time.

So during this wonderful month of August, in addition to enjoying the summer fun activities, take time to enjoy your Divine Sanctuary. You’ll surely enjoy it.

Love & blessings,
Rev. Ron

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