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Rev. Ron Palumbo

Rev. Ron Palumbo

Whether we know it or not, everyone’s purpose here on “Classroom Earth” is to learn and grow.  For many folks, this is so deeply buried in consciousness that a huge percentage of our global community is totally oblivious to our main purpose.  To understand the magnitude of our global community’s level of unawareness… just read any newspaper or watch the news on TV.

The solution (and salvation) to our global community’s inhumanity to ourselves and to our planet is to “WAKE UP TO OUR TRUE IDENTITY!”  You are God’s beautiful, beloved child… created in the image of God…

(and therefore have all of the attributes and faculties of God WITHIN YOU).

This is why we remind people of their True Identity at our Sunday Service. 

In one of the shortest verses in Scripture, John 10:30… just six (6) words, Jesus states our relationship with our Father/Mother God.  He is quoted as saying, “I and the Father are one.”  He was telling us that we are ONE with the Divine… and that this Oneness can never be separated. 

(Actually, the only place where separation occurs is in our consciousness.  But even this separation is called Error Thought).

We may not feel our Oneness with the Divine in dealing with ‘life challenges’… but the Oneness is always present.  Part of our ‘learning & growing’ is for us to discover the Oneness even in the face of a ‘life challenge.”  Being centered in our Oneness is one of the main ways we accelerate our process to ‘learn & grow.’

In our learning process, please “test the waters” when a life challenge comes up.  Call forth the Divinity within… the Divinity that you ARE… and boldly declare, “ ‘Harmony and Divine Order’ unfolds throughout this situation NOW!”

Dear Ones, we are more empowered than we can even imagine.  

The most powerful words in Scripture (in Rev. Ron’s opinion) verify the magnitude of our empowerment.  In John 14:12, Jesus clearly tells us, “(One) who believes in me… (the ‘I AM’)… will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he/she do.”  

Enjoy your Wonder-Filled journey of Awakening to your Divinity.

Love & blessings always,
Rev. Ron


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