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Rev. Ron Palumbo

Rev. Ron Palumbo


January… a time of new beginnings… new adventures… & new levels of awareness to attain.

For much of December, has been a profound sense of our planet’s race consciousness evolving to a higher level than ever before.

Yes!… there are the “less than God-aware things reported in the media… but there are also many God-Centered activities that are not reported  in the media.  Those of us who choose to “not judge by appearances,” we know the High Truth that God is the the one presence and one power that is always present in all areas of life.

Aware of God’s Presence in all areas of life… we can feel a sense of goodness that is unfolding in this glorious New Year.

Can you feel a sense of ‘newness’ in the air? … a sense that ‘all things truly are working together for good?’

We have so many opportunities to enhance our awareness of God’s goodness in ALL AREAS of our lives! 

There are so many areas of life where we can “Put God First” at a higher level then ever before.  

We can go to a higher level of love… of compassion… of forgiveness… of support… or of any number of God-characteristics encoded in every one of us.

And as we “Put God First” at ‘whatever’ higher lever then ever before, we literally enhance our consciousness transformation to the point where, within a few weeks or so, we can actually “SEE” our self LIVING a higher level of Truth.

So in this New Year… filled with New Awareness and New Energies… I invite all of us to look at our life… and ask our selves:  “In what areas of life am I willing to “Put God First” at a higher level than ever before?”

God bless us all…

     Rev. Ron

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