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Rev. Ron Palumbo

Rev. Ron Palumbo

HAPPY OCTOBER Dear Uniticks!

When I was a youngster, I learned that October 31 is ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ … the eve before ‘All Saints’ Day’ – a day of honoring and remembering all Christian saints.

It is good for us to honor & remember the many saints.  And to this list, I’m including the awesome ‘saints’ that have blessed Unity… and thus, have blessed our lives.

Unity has a wonderful history of dedicated service… from Myrtle & Charles Fillmore… to thousands of ministers, church leaders, & Angel Team Members (folks who do “the work” behind the scenes) … all the way up to our present day spiritual families at our many Unity Churches throughout the world.

Unity’s lineage began with Mother Myrtle & Papa Charlie, both of whom were mystics.

Ernest Wilson, an awesome Unity minister who was ordained in 1916, wrote the book “Charles Fillmore – As I Knew Him,” covering many of Charles’ wonderful qualities, including his “significant counsel.” 

I feel so blessed and honored to have had a meeting with Ernest Wilson in 1977… my first trip to Unity Village.  Reverend Ernest ‘radiated’ a beautiful, loving consciousness… & is truly one of the “Great Lights of Unity.”

Richard Billings, who at 90 years of age is still ACTIVE in ministry.  Richard has helped dozens of Unity churches, even while serving his church in Oak Park, IL.

Eric Butterworth, my guru, has inspirited & empowered ‘Uniticks’ for over 50 years.

James Dillet Freeman, another minister of more than 50 years, wrote “The Prayer of Protection” during World War 2 while he was serving as the Director of Silent Unity.  James is also the only person to have two (2) of his writings taken into space (two [2] different astronauts carried one of James’ writings on his space mission).

Georgiana Tree West, Catherine Ponder, Jack Boland, Ernest Wilson, Dr. George Dale, Paul Funk, Joe Bettencourt, Johnny Coleman, Ruth Mosley, Joyce Kramer, etc. – ministers who spent their lives helping us awaken to God’s presence.  Thank you to all ministers (both Unity & other denominations) that have been brilliant lights for our world.  It feels so very right to remember these beautiful souls… to be aware of the wonderful contribution they make to “bring light to our world” … and to honor them as we approach All Saints Day.

Love & Blessings,

  Rev. Ron

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