Thoughts from the Heart

It’s the New Year!….. and I am beginning to think about all the many wonderful experiences I have had in the past year and the even greater expectations I have for the coming year. I have also been thinking about how I have made commitments each year to let go of the past and stay focused on the new, in the now.  I even recall how in years past , I wholeheartedly, embraced my New Year’ s resolutions with such overwhelming vigor and enthusiasm, only to find that by the end of January , I had fallen back into old patterns of behavior. Does this sound familiar to you?

As I think about the New Year and letting go of the old and putting on the new, it always brings to my mind that bible verse from II Corinthians 5:17 “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things have passed away; behold , all things are made new.”  As I ponder this bible verse, I begin to think about what this really means to allow the old to pass away and allow the new to come forth? To get a clearer perspective, I look to the words of our Co-Founder, Charles Fillmore.  According to Mr. Fillmore, in The Revealing Word, the old is personality,” which thinks of itself,”  it is  “the sum total of characteristics that man has personalized as distinct of himself, independent of others or of divine principle.  Personality is the veil or mask worn by man that conceals the real, the Spiritual I AM.”  So putting this idea into perspective, “the new is the realization of man of his Spiritual Identity”.  What a Grand explanation.

So the old way of being: thinking ourselves separate and apart from one another and from God must pass away, and the new understanding that we are Spiritual Beings’ One with God and expressing all the life, love, joy , perfection and abundance of the Christ must come forth and take the place of the old way of Being

As I think about these Ideas, I begin to realize how this way of thinking will affect my New Year’s resolution this year? I now feel that I can joyously and willing let go of the old Idea that keep me believing that  I AM separate or apart from anyone or anything., I  become exceedingly glad and  willing to let go of those false thoughts and false beliefs  that  create and support the mask that has been disguising my True Identity.  I Truly begin to let go of the thought that my actions affect no one but me and understand that all my thoughts actions and beliefs affect everyone and everything. And most importantly, I become committed to leave all these thoughts feeling, beliefs and actions in the past.

With this new way of Being firmly planted in the soil of my mind, my expectation for renewal and the newness of the year changes as I decide to embrace the present moment and commit to living in the Here and Now.   I focus my attention on allowing my True Self to emerge as the Truth of my Being, I begin to Know and Understand, that I Am the very Presence and the very Place through which God expresses and I allow the Presence of God to express, in through and as me right Now.  I begin to know and accept that of my own self I can do nothing, but that Presence of the Christ Within can do all things, and I allow it. I choose to Accept and to Know that my commitment in this Life is to the Christ Within and God; and that is my new perspective.

So as we begin to contemplate and make those New Year’s resolutions and commitments, let us stand firmly in our faith and commit to bringing forth the Truth of our Being, The Christ of God; and allowing It to express.

 Let Us Daily Affirm:

“I AM the Christ of God in Expression; and that is the Truth.”

Blessings on your Spiritual Journey,
Juankee J. McKinney

Have a Spirit-filled and Prosperous 2020!