Thoughts from the Heart

(reprint 2014)

I have been thinking about the Idea that ,” God’s Will for me is Good and only Good” and I have been focusing on opening my consciousness to experience the total awareness of this Truth, so that It is integrated into the very fiber of my Being.  I begin to further contemplate, how I can move from this awareness and understanding to the demonstration in consciousness made by Jesus the Christ who was able to affirmatively state, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

When I think about my will, I think about all the things I have desired in the past, and how happy I thought I would be if they came into manifestation just for me.  I also think about how stubborn and persistent my will could be, when I have adamantly believed within my being that I was right regarding just about everything that concerned me. I also recall how resistant to change I could be if I was not thoroughly convinced of a better way of being.  And of course, this way of thinking and being, caused “some not so good” experiences to come to me!  Has this ever happened to you?

 In retrospect, I have come to realize how easily life flows and how light things become when I am willing to surrender my will to the Will of God.  At these times, it appears that God’s Will for me is exactly what I wanted for me.  And It always turns out to be more wonderful and magnificent than anything that I could have possibly imagined it to be.  Have you had this experience as well?

As I further contemplate God’s Will for me being “ Good”, I turn to Charles Fillmore, our co-founder to get a deeper explanation of , “What my will is and how I can more easily align my will with the Will of God”? According to Mr. Fillmore,” the Will is the executive faculty of the mind, the determining factor in man.  What a man wills or decrees comes to pass in his experience. “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” (Job 22:28). He further clarifies that the personal will is the adversary in sense-consciousness.  He usurps power and considers himself the rightful ruler.  This erroneous belief relating to personal will is discerned and adjusted by spiritual thoughts attained through prayer.”

This knowledge of sense-consciousness helps explain the stubborn persistence that we all sometimes experience when we want what we want and even think that we always know the best way.   Mr. Fillmore’s explanation also helps us to understand that by turning Within to Spirit in prayer and meditation helps us align our thoughts, feeling and actions with the Will of God.  What an excellent explanation and quite an inspiration! This makes me want to further explore just exactly, “What is God’s Will for Me”.   

In the Revealing Word, Mr. Fillmore states that, “God’s will is always perfection and all good for all of his children; perfect health in mind and body; abundance of every good thing including joy, peace, wisdom and eternal life.  He does not will suffering or imperfection of any form’”  Mr. Fillmore further states that, “ The belief that God wills both good and evil is false; the truth is that God is all good and only good can come to man from Him.  If man experiences error and in harmony, he brings them upon himself by his failure to harmonize his thoughts, words and acts with the Lord or divine law.”

As these words resonate through my Being, they help me to know and truly understand that God’s Will for me is Good and only Good.  It also helps me to clearly see and take responsibility for and accept that the challenges that I have created in my life and experiences were truly created by me.  It further motivates me to harmonize my thoughts words and actions with the Spirit that lives Within me, so that I can choose to create for my life that which God intended for me—–The Good, and Only the Good!

So, as we think about our will and God’s will, let us become more consciously aware, committed and willing to affirm, “Not my will, but Thy will be done”;  For we Know that what we will manifest will be Good and Very Very Good!

Let Us Daily Affirm:   God’s Will for Me Is Good and Only Good.

Blessings As You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney