Thoughts from the Heart

There is Something Within my Being that is constantly inspiring me and pushing me forward to express more of Me.  It ignites my imagination to soar to new and unfamiliar heights of creativity and It causes me to be cognizant of the light that shines Within.  This overwhelming passion that I feel, to move forward and  express fills me with a zealousness that I had never known.

As I sit and contemplate, “What could this be that is inside of me?”, a tiny spark of Light starts to grow and expand Within my Being ; and I begin to Know and  become more aware and acknowledge that It is the Christ residing at the Center of my Being.  As this awareness grows, I am filled with zeal and enthusiasm as I step forward with a mighty faith and desire to clear away all those thoughts and beliefs that have in anyway hindered the expression of the Life that resides Within me.

As I continue to grow I am filled with gratitude for the Christ Within, as the energy that propels my life continues to flow with more intensity though me.  It begins to feel like all the energy in the Universe is coursing through my Being and pressing me to again ask the question, “What is this that is occurring within me?”  And of course, I again look to Charles Fillmore, our co-founder to explain what this could be that is happening to me.  According to Mr. Fillmore in The Revealing Word, it is Zeal.  He states that,  “Zeal  is Intensity, ardor, enthusiasm; the inward fire of the soul that urges man forward, regardless of the intellectual mid of caution and conservatism.” He further explains that “Zeal is the mighty force that incites the winds, the tides, the storms; it urges the planet on it course, and spurs the ant to greater exertion.  It is the urge behind all things.  Zeal is the affirmative impulse of existence; its command is “Go forward!”

As this explanation resonates within me, I begin to experience and Truly know that it has always been that Spirit of God in me that has spurred me to do even the smallest things.  I begin to remember how I have been guided along the way and spurred to new levels of awareness and excitement as I faced each new day.  As I continued to let go and release and take no thought, it was as if the Universe would come support and greet me with more and more energy to do the things that needed to be done by me.  With this growing awareness my vision becomes increasingly clear and I begin to willingly be guided by that still small voice that is always speaking to me.

I also begin to know that the direction I am to follow is very clear.  With all the fervor that is within me I make the commitment to do all the things God has appointed for me to do and to willingly walk forth even though I may not always know what to do.  I choose to trust in God and know that I am led on the path that is perfect for me. I also know that the Christ at the center of my being will direct my path and provide all the wisdom, power and enthusiasm I need to do the things that are mine to do.

So as we continue on our Spiritual path, let us  the Christ of our Being and claim all what God has given us to do and knowing that we are provided with all the energy enthusiasm and zeal to do that which has been appointed for us to do.

 Let Us Daily Affirm:  I Am One With All Energy in the Universe Now.

Blessing as You Spiritually Unfold,

Juankee J. McKinney
The Editor