Thoughts from the Heart

I have been thinking about the Idea that God’s Will for me is Good and Only Good and I have also been contemplating how to allow God’s Will for me to manifest in and through my life right here and right now. And furthermore, how do I truly let go of my Will and come to the place in consciousness where I am truly committed and resonate with the affirmation, “Not my will, God’s Will be done”.

As these thoughts flows through my mind, I am reminded of how in years past, when I stubbornly chose to follow what I thought was the best way for me to go, and how shocked I was when somehow things turned out to be “not so good”.   I am also reminded of the times when I was focused and committed to truly being guided by Spirit and how marvelously all events seemed to flow in the right and perfect way.  As I think about these experiences something inside of me begins to wonder, “Why can’t I always willingly do that which is aligned with God’s Highest Will for me? And more precisely, I want to know, “What exactly IS God’s Will for me right now?

Well, as we all know by now when I start to wonder, I am always drawn back to the writings and insights of our Co-founder Charles Fillmore.   In the Revealing Word, Mr. Fillmore states that, “the Will is the executive faculty of the mind, the determining factor of man.  What man wills or decrees come to pass in his experience.  “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” (Job 22:28).”   “The Will is the center in mind and body around which revolve all the activities that constitute consciousness. It is the avenue through which the I AM expresses its potentiality.” According to Mr. Fillmore problems arise in the personal will which he defines as the adversary or sense consciousness will.  Sense consciousness, “usurps power and considers himself the rightful ruler.  This erroneous belief relating to personal will is discerned and adjusted by spiritual thought attained through prayer.  Mr. Fillmore further states that “This adversary troubles us because we strive to maintain personal freedom instead of submitting to divine guidance.  Self-confidence is a virtue when founded on the Truth of Being, but when it arises from the personal consciousness it keeps man from his dominion.

Wow, what an awesome explanation.  It seems as though when I was choosing what I thought was best and choosing to stubbornly follow my own personal will, rather than going  to Spirit for guidance, I tended to create experiences that in the end turned out to be “ not so good”.  However, the results that I experienced relying on that Spirit Within always worked out harmoniously.  So this explanation helps me clearly discern and truly know that I must always turn within to the I AM of my Being that will always guide me to my Highest Good.

So one question remains and continues to puzzle me, “What is God’s Will for me right now?  Well turning again to Mr. Fillmore, he states, “God’s will is always perfection and all good for all His children; perfect health in mind and body; abundance of every good thing including joy, peace, wisdom and eternal life.  He does not will suffering or imperfection of any form.”

“The belief that Gods wills both good and evil is false; the truth is that God is all good and only good can come to man from Him.  If man experiences error and in harmony, he brings them upon himself by his failure to harmonize his thoughts, words and acts with the Lord or divine law.”

Oh, my goodness, what an astounding explanation!  This further confirms the Idea that God’s Will for me is Good and Only Good and helps me clearly perceive that the positive experiences that occurred with me were the direct results  of my allowing God’s Will to be done in and through me. So, as we contemplate the Idea of God’s Will let us always choose to be guided and directed by that Spirit Within that always leads us to our Highest Good.

Let Us Daily Affirm:  Not my Will, Thy Will be done.

Blessings As You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney