Thoughts from the Heart

I have been daydreaming and thinking about the Idea of God as Love and wondering what it means and feels like to experience and truly know that I Am surrounded, enfolded and immersed in Divine Love.   As this thought fills my consciousness, images of love flow through my mind and I think about all the many ways I have experienced love in this life.

I think about my Mother, and how much I loved her and how much she loved me. I remember sitting on our front porch and waiting for her to come home from work. I had such great joy and anticipation in my heart as I patiently waited for her return.  I recall many times meeting her at the corner as she stepped off the bus and how I was filled with such warmth and devotion as we walked home together hand in hand.  I recall my Dad and how much joy it brought me as I saw him pulling up into the driveway.  I remember imagining and wondering what great surprise he would have for me today. I recall my Aunt coming home from her teaching job and how she would always bring home big red candy apples, just for me.   And, of course I remember my brothers and sisters and how much fun we would have being outside playing kick ball, baseball, hide and go seek and sometimes tag.  I remember all the joy it brought to me just laughing, talking, joking and playing endlessly. I also remember falling in love with that special person and feeling how my life felt so complete, knowing that this love surely would never end. All these wonderful memories bring such joy to me as I recall how these experiences seemed to shape me……… and I knew, I was truly loved.

I also remember the times when there was not much joy as I was disciplined by my loving parents.  I also remember fighting with my siblings that I loved so very much and of course having to apologize to one another for making such a big fuss.  And lastly, breaking up with the one I thought was the love of my life.  That heartbreaking experience brings to mind such enormous pain which at the time, I thought I could never possibly live through.   As I look back I have come to know and understand that regardless of what it appeared to be, these experiences were love as well.

As I further contemplate this idea of love, I realize that all of these experiences are from the standpoint of human love.  However, my inner most desire is to experience the Divine Love of God.  So the question in my mind becomes,” What is Divine Love and how does It differ from the Love that I had previously experienced?”  To get a clear answer and to satisfy my quandary, I look to Charles Fillmore, our co-founder to get a clearer explanation.   Mr. Fillmore, in The Revealing Word, states that” Love is the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family.  Of all the attributes of God, Love is undoubtedly the most beautiful.  In Divine Mind, Love is the power that joins and binds in Divine Harmony, the Universe and everything in It; the great harmonizing principle known to man.”  Mr. Fillmore further states that Divine Love is impersonal; It loves for the sake of loving.  It is not concerned with what or who It loves, nor with a return of love….Love is an inner quality that sees good in everything and everybody.  It insists that all is good and by refusing to see anything but good, It causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in Itself and in all things…….Divine Love will bring your own to you, adjust all misunderstanding and makes your life and affairs healthy , happy ,harmonious and free.  Therefore , Love is the fulfillment of the law (Romans, 13:10).”

Wow! So it seems like Divine Love encompasses more than the personal love of family and friends that we all experience in growing up; It encompasses all of humanity and the whole Universe, and binds us together in Oneness and Harmony. God‘s Divine Love brings harmony where there are discords in human relationships and draws to us our own.  What a marvelous revelation to know that as we allow God’s Divine Love to envelop our consciousness, everyone is bound together in a brotherhood of Pure Love and Divine Harmony.

So as we continue to contemplate love and particularly the Divine Love of God, let us choose to see the Good and only the Good.   Let us also choose to love just for the sake and pure joy of loving.  As we do this we will be showing forth God’s Love;  filled with patience, kindness compassion, forgiveness, non-judgment and selflessness.  And , let us remember that we are all called to love God first, and  to love our neighbor as our self.   In this way, we are participating in bringing forth God’s Divine Love and Harmony into fruition on earth…….therefore, we will be  fulfilling the Law.

Let Us Daily Affirm:  I Am One with God and God is Perfect Love.

Blessings As You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney
The Editor