Thoughts from the Heart

I have been reflecting over my life and contemplating how I came to be at this place in Consciousness.  As I look back over my experiences, I observe how everything and every event, seemed to unfold in the right and perfect way; I am in awe and amazed as I recall how perfectly the situations and circumstances of my life appeared to unfold so lovingly.  I even recall when I first began to recognize, know and accept that everything evolved in the right and perfect way.  This realization allowed me to truly understand that there are no mistakes or errors in God’s Universe for it operates in a Perfect, Orderly and very well Planned way.

As I contemplate the orderliness of the Universe, I am reminded of the words of our Co-founder, Charles Fillmore, who states in The Revealing Word that, “ Order is the first law of the Universe.  Indeed, there would be no universe unless its various parts were kept in perfect order.  The facts of Spirit are of spiritual character and, when understood in their right relation, they are orderly.  Orderliness is law and the test of true science.”

With this understanding in mind, I stop and contemplate how everything in the Universe seems to consistently operate in a forward moving and harmonious way.   I think about the stars in the sky and how they show up each night to dazzle us with their brilliant light.  I think about the seasons and how they seem to know when to move from summer to fall and then from winter to spring.  And of course, I am always mesmerized as I observe how the flowers of spring simply know when to push their way up through the earth towards the sun each year. I am truly astounded when I take note, at how all of God’s creatures seem to know exactly what to do and when to do it, at all times.  I am even more amazed as I think about the acorn and how it knows to grow into a mighty Oak tree.  All of this order I see in the external world, I intuitively know also applies to me.

As I begin to apply these same observations to myself, I begin to remember how I have progressively moved from one state of Being to another and how with each movement in Consciousness I grew more aware of the Spirit that resides Within, at the center of my Being.  For me it has been a very orderly process and I feel that I was guided from Within and I intuitively knew exactly what to do.  I recall all those wonderful periods of time where I knew that joy and happiness were all mine and knew that God gave it all so lovingly to me.  I also remember the times when everything seemed so hard as I struggled to change just one more bit of error in my thoughts!  I recall the emotional upheaval I felt within and how I felt I would never make it through this transition in Consciousness; and at that perfect moment, I had a breakthrough.  As I sit back and reflect on these seemingly opposite experiences (and all the other challenges I have faced in my life), I begin to know and accept that they were all necessary, and I further understand that they were all in Divine and Perfect Order as well.  These situations needed to occur so that I could grow into my next level of Awareness;  allowing me to be firmly planted at the center of my Being clearly expressing the Christ of God in me.

So, as we continue on our Spiritual Path, growing, evolving and unfolding,  let us be mindful and know that each and every situation and circumstance that occurs in our lives is necessary  and is occurring in a Divinely Ordered and Perfect  way.——Always leading  us to express the Truth of who we are—The Christ of God.

Let Us Daily Affirm:

“I Am One with the Harmonious, Continuous, Forward movement of God’s Universe.”

Blessings as You  Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney