Thoughts from the Heart

I have been contemplating the Universe and imagining how it all came to be. I have also been wondering about all the enlightened Beings and how they came to know such great mysteries. I am awed by the sages, seers, prophets and revelators and enamored with how they came to “know what they knew” regarding the Spiritual world and were able to convey this information to all of humanity.   And I even begin to wonder if such profound Wisdom could possibly evolve from within and flow freely through me?

As these Ideas move through my consciousness, I recall the words of our Co-founder, Charles Fillmore as he speaks on the subject of Wisdom.  According to Mr. Fillmore in The Revealing Word, “Wisdom is Intuitive knowing, spiritual intuition; the voice of God within us as the source of understanding; mental action based on the Christ Truth within.  Wisdom includes judgment, discrimination, intuition and all of the departments of mind that come under knowing”.  Mr. Fillmore further states, “That wisdom and understanding comes from the Spirit of Christ within us.  The price that we must pay for the attainment of divine wisdom and understanding is the letting go of the personal self with it limited beliefs.”

Wow, so from this explanation, it seems to me that we all contain this capacity.  We all contain at the center of our Being, the Christ of God just waiting to be set free.  It appears we have a choice to be guided by the Wisdom and Understanding that comes from Within and follow our inner knowing and intuition or continues to be led by our limited personal understanding. It also appears that if we want to allow our spiritual discernment and intuition to blossom and grow, that we must be willing to let go of our personal self and allow the Christ Within to blossom and grow and this we do by being willing to let go of all the false beliefs all the false ways of being that have bound us to our sense of limitation and have not allowed us to grow into the Christ Beings that God intended us to be.

So as we let go of our limited ways of thinking and being and allow the voice of God to speak to us and through us, we awake to the True Essence of our True Being, the Christ of God, filled to overflowing with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that has come through all the enlightened Beings of the past and we are able to ‘know that we know”.  As this voice of God speaks clearly through us we take on the responsibility of sharing it with world in whatever way we are guided by that Spirit Within.

So as we think about this idea of Wisdom, let us decide if we are willing to pay the price of letting go of  the limitations  of our personal self and allow the Allness of  God to evolve the spiritual discernment and intuition that exists within our Being and allow that Knowingness  to Guide and direct our lives.


Let Us Daily Affirm:   I Am One with all Knowledge in the Universe Now.


Blessings As You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney