Thoughts from the Heart

(reprint 2015)

It’s Easter, and I have been contemplating the idea of the Resurrection and pondering, “What does it mean to be resurrected as exemplified by Jesus the Christ.  And, I am also wondering, “What do the events we commemorate as Easter really mean for humanity?  I know, that this is the time when we celebrate the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus the Christ; and we always seem to do this with such magnificence and great pageantry.  We re-enact the last supper and the crucifixion and we surround it with such festivities.  We have Easter eggs hunts, Easter bunnies, Easter Dinners and Easter pageants, plays and parades.  Aside from all these festivities, I would truly like to know, understand and experience what the Resurrection truly means for me?

Well as we all know by now, when I want more clarification, I turn to our co-founder Charles Fillmore for a clearer explanation. According to Mr. Fillmore, in The Revealing Word,  Resurrection  is “The restoring of the mind and body to their original, undying state.  This is accomplished by the realization that God is Spirit and that God created man with power like that which he Himself possesses.  When man realizes this, his mind and body automatically become immortal.”  He further states that, “Jesus was raised from the dead.  He overcame death in the body.  For since by man came death, by man came also came the resurrection of the dead.” ……..The power of the resurrection is the Christ. “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25).This resurrection is not of the future, “but hath now been manifested by……our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death, and brought life and mortality to light” (II Tim. 1:10).

Wow, what a marvelous explanation!  So we can restore our mind and body to their original perfect undying state through raising our consciousness to the awareness that we are Spirit.  We are transformed in mind and body through the use of denials, affirmations and meditation. We use denials to surrender the old ways of thinking and believing and we use affirmations to establish the Truth firmly in our consciousness and patiently allow and watch it grow. Through meditation we learn to be in continuous communion with that Spirit within and receive guidance and direction from God.

Through this process, we move toward the conscious realization of our Oneness with God and in this Oneness we know and are aware that we inherit all the attributes of God; and we choose to bring them into manifestation as we awake in the Image and likeness of God.  We are filled with and we become the unfailing faith of God.  The Strength that is God thus manifests Itself physically, mentally and spiritually; We recognize that we are radiant centers of God’s Infinite Divine Wisdom, and we recognize that we are reservoirs and recipients of the Unconditional Love that is God.  We express Power and dominion as we awake in the awareness of our Oneness with God.  Our Imagination is permeated with the pure vision of God and we see clearly and envision all things after the leadings of God.  Our Understanding is quickened and we discern swiftly and with great clarity.  As we willingly allow “God’s Will” to express as “our will”. We experience the harmony of God and recognize that Divine Order as the first Law of the Universe. Our lives become filled with Energy and Enthusiasm in doing all things that have been appointed for us to do.  Our whole system is purified as we see only “God, the Good in All” and we are filled with the Pure Life of God which freely provides us with all of our needs. Through this manifestation, we are resurrected in mind and body and show forth from our own consciousness, that “Perfect Being” that God created in the beginning; the “Christ.”

So as we celebrate this Easter season and participate in all the festivities, let us remember that we are not only commemorating the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus the Christ, but celebrating our own resurrection into this “New Life” as well.

 Let Us Daily Affirm:  I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

 Blessings As You Spiritually Unfold
Juankee J. McKinney