Thoughts from the Heart

I have been thinking about my favorite Charles Fillmore affirmation in which he vehemently declared at the youthful age of 93.  He affirmed:” I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm as I spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.”

When I think about this affirmation, it brings to mind the great joy, the energy and the enthusiasm that I experienced when I first came into Unity many years ago and committed to its teaching as my way of life. I remember how excited I was as I devoured every bit of information I could digest about Truth Principles.  I recall staying up very late many nights, just reading books by Unity authors and other New Thought writers. I even recollect the overwhelming joy I felt and the resultant challenges I faced, as I practiced the principles that I had intellectually learned.  How excited and filled with awe I was, as I actually allowed myself to be transformed through the process of changing my thoughts. The daily practice of denials and affirmations always led to the most marvelous periods of sitting in the Silence and allowing that Spirit Within to take charge of my Being.  The energy and the enthusiasm that I felt, at that time in my life, was awe inspiring.

I always felt so invigorated by these Spiritual practices, that I truly believed my excitement would never end.  To the contrary, there were times when my enthusiasm appeared to wane and I was not as “highly energized” about practicing Truth Principles.   Amazingly, each time this would occur, I soon found myself being pulled back onto the Path by the Spirit Within and I courageously recommitted myself to the process of Spiritual change once more.  Has this ever happened to anyone else besides me?

As my consciousness has continued to unfold, I have come to understand the profound commitment of our co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Through my Spiritual practices, I have developed a mighty faith in Spirit and I Now choose to step forth and do that which is mine to do. For I Now know that all the choices and decisions I have made in my life have indeed been fueled by the Spirit Within for the purpose of guiding me to do the things that God created me to do and intended me to Be.  My continued growth and change on this Spiritual Journey has caused my focus and commitment to become crystal clear.  My commitment is to God and to allowing that Presence Within to have Its way with me.  How about you?

I Now know that my ultimate goal (and the goal of everyone else) is to develop and bring forth that consciousness that was in Christ Jesus:  The Christ Consciousness.  We can choose to live in the awareness that we are all children of God:  Allowing that Presence Within to love, bless, heal and transform our lives, the lives of all others, as well as the Planet that we call home.  As we continuously focus our energy on this process, we develop the Knowing that we are here to be of service to one another and to assist each other into the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, as we continue our progress on this journey towards total Realization of our Oneness with Spirit, let us express the energy, the enthusiasm and the zeal of God.  Let us choose to know, accept and allow our primary focus and energy to reflect our commitment to the Christ Within and to express all the qualities and attributes of God that we are.

Let us affirm with our co-founder, Charles Fillmore:

“I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm as I spring forth with a mighty faith to do all the things that ought to be done by me.”

Blessings on Your Spiritual Journey,
Juankee  J. McKinney