Thoughts from the Heart

(reprint December 2013)

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and as this thought fills my mind, all those memories of past holiday seasons seem to permeate my being and I become filled with great anticipation and joy as I prepare to celebrate this season of giving. This time of the year always brings back warm memories of decorating Christmas trees with colorful ornaments, garland and the most magnificent lights.  I recall how I truly love shopping for those perfect gifts and wrapping them in the most colorful Christmas paper, adorned with just the perfect bow. I also recall how excited I become after placing these fabulously wrapped presents under that brilliantly lighted tree in anticipation of the recipients’ amazement and wonder regarding what could possibly be contained within.  And of course, anticipating the numerous Holiday parties brings memories of great fun and renewed childlike excitement.

As I prepare to enter into the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, decorating, shopping, planning and attending those wonderful Christmas parties, I continue to experience fond memories of those holiday seasons long pasted. However, this season, a strange feeling has begun to stir within my Being and It makes me stop all my busyness and I begin to contemplate, “What does all this celebrating Truly mean?

While deeply pondering this question, I know that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ (our Elder Brother and Way Shower), but, we are also commemorating his ministry and message of Love as we freely give to one another.  But more importantly than the idea of giving of gifts, attending holiday dinners and parties of remembrance; (In Unity), we come to understand that we are celebrating something deeper, something more enlightening and much more magnificent than most of humanity has ever experienced.  We are not only celebrating the Birth of Jesus the Christ, we are celebrating the Birth of the Christ Within our own consciousness. We are allowing the same mind that was in Christ Jesus to be born Within our Being.

As I contemplate this profound idea, I begin to wonder, what does it mean, “To allow the Christ to be born Within Me?” These thoughts draw me back to the words of our Co-founder Charles Fillmore, who states that, “The Indwelling Christ is The Son of God or The Spiritual Nucleus within each person.  All thoughts must harmonize with this Spiritual Center before we can bring into expression the Divine Consciousness.  Each man has within him the Christ Idea, just as Jesus had.  Man must look to the Indwelling Christ in order to recognize his Sonship, his Divine Origin and birth, even as did  the Savior,”   Mr. Fillmore also explains “That in the birth of the Christ, man is bringing forth (the birth) of God’s idea of man, the Christ of God.  This is done through the quickening power of the word of Truth.  The birth of Christ is the beginning in the Inner Realms of Consciousness of a higher set of faculties, which, when grown to full stature, will save the whole man from ignorance, sickness and death.”  Wow, what an Awesome explanation and Truly a reason for celebration!

What Mr. Fillmore is saying is that as we acknowledge and recognize that we are the Son of God, we begin to call forth our own Indwelling Christ.  It is that Christ Within us that guides our thoughts, feelings and behaviors until we emerge in the Image and Likeness of God, expressing the Consciousness that was in our Elder Brother and Way Shower, Jesus the Christ.  We are then expressing all of the qualities and attributes of God that we Truly are.

So as we celebrate this Christmas season, celebrating and remembering the birth of Jesus the Christ, let us be mindful and know that as we joyously celebrate the birth of our Elder Brother, we are also celebrating and expressing the Birth of the Christ in our Consciousness.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and A Magnificent Birth of the Christ in You.

Let Us Daily Affirm:

“I Allow the Christ to Be Born In Me”

Blessing As You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney
The Editor