Thoughts from the Heart

I have been daydreaming and imagining what it would be like to live in the Kingdom of God —right here and right now!  I have also been experiencing images and impressions of what my life would be like if I was consciously aware that I am maintained, sustained and governed by the Grace of God.   As these ideas permeate my Being, I begin to experience a flood of visions that seem to invite me to come right in and experience that which I have dedicated my life to bringing forth.  With each Idea that floods my mind, the visions appear to become crystal clear and I begin to wonder, “What could this be that is possessing me?  “Is it real, or just my imaginings?”

Well, to get some clarity, I turn to Charles Fillmore to enlighten me.  According to Mr. Fillmore, It is my imagination that is flowing through me and filling my mind with all sorts of possibilities.  Mr. Fillmore in The Revealing Word states that, “Imagination is the faculty of mind that images and forms, the power to shape and form thought.”  He further explains, “With our imagination we lay hold of ideas and clothe them with substance.  The body is the product of the mind.   What man pictures or imagines in his mind will eventually appear in the body?  In the communication of God with man, the imaging power of the mind plays an important part.  It receives divine ideas and reflects their character to the consciousness.  According to scripture this is the opening of the heavens and the seeing the “angels of God ascending and descending on the “Son of man” (John 1; 51).”

This explanation makes it emphatically clear that I have been indeed receiving impartations from within and not merely random imaginings. The visions that I see appear to be flowing from deep within and manifesting as me. As ideas of Oneness flow into my mind, I envision myself at one with all humanity and of course with the birds, the flowers, and the trees and with every living creature that happens to be.  Ideas of Love fill me with such joy and harmony and I see myself filled with this Divine Love, expressing care and compassion for everyone and everything I see; for I express myself as the Divine Child of God that I AM.  Thoughts of Life allow me to see that the health, wholeness, youth and vitality implanted in me by God are truly what I choose to manifest and Be.  And as I think about the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of God I begin to know and realize that this is me for I Am made in the Image and Likeness of God.  I have the ability to be present everywhere because everything and everyone is a part of me; and of course I am One with all the Power and Knowingness of God. And of course as I think about the Grace of God, I envision my life flowing in harmony, as I realize I am maintained, sustained and supported, by that infinite invisible from within—The Christ of God which is the Divine Within me.

Therefore, from within the depths of my Being, I am convinced and I know that as I persist in these visionings, I will awake in the Image and likeness of God. One with all the Power, Wisdom, Love and Understanding of our Creator, God.

So, as we think about the power of Imagination, let us decide today what thoughts, ideas and dreams we are willing to hold in our mind and have out pictured in our lives. Let us choose to allow our visioning to be guided by the Divine Ideas of God, which bring peace, harmony, love, wisdom and abundance of all kinds to every area of our lives.

Let Us Daily Affirm:  “My eye is single to the Good.”

Blessings as You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney