Thoughts from the Heart

I was driving down the highway enjoying all the magnificent scenes as my eye was caught by an eagle soaring high above the trees.  My heart began to open and  I felt my Spirit soar within me , and a voice within my heart said “I want to be set free”,  This experience caused a warm memory to flow into my mind of an often affirmed Unity statement of Truth, that I used to claim as mine.

“I Am free with the freedom of Spirit ”.

As I think about this affirmation, I begin to wonder, “What does it really mean to be free with the freedom of Spirit?” To get illumination on this subject, I turned to a definition that is given by our co-founder, Charles Fillmore.  In “The Revealing Word”, Mr. Fillmore states that freedom “is the quality or state of being without thought or restraint, bondage, limitation or repression. Having a sense of complete wellbeing.  It is the result of regulating one’s life according to Principle, not according to what anyone else may think or say”

Wow, what a marvelous revelation!  Knowing that I can be totally free to express myself and my life just the way God intended it to be.  To have a sense of peace and total wellbeing is a more than awesome idea. Being free from all worries, and all thoughts of lack and limitation reminds me of the life God intended for you and me- To live life, abundantly, being joyous, happy and totally at ease.

With this awareness, a sense of peace fills my being and another question flows into my mind, “What must I do to continuously experience this sense of freedom that is growing deep within me, right here and right now!. Again, I turn to Mr. Fillmore to gives me further clarification

According to Mr. Fillmore, “We can never know the full meaning of freedom until we abide in the Christ Consciousness.  Without prayer and spiritual meditation, there can be no concept of spiritual freedom, therefore no demonstration of it. It is gained only through spiritual development gained in long hours of communion with God in the Silence  Liberation from bondage only comes  as we seek first the .perfect mind of Christ.”

As Mr. Fillmore’s words resonate within my being, I begin to remember those hours of prayer and meditation spent in communion with my Mother-Father  God, and I become consciously aware and know that the faith of God lives in me and I am strong in that Spirit right now.  The wisdom of God is guiding me and I am filled through and through with the divine love of God.  These thoughts fill me with God’s Power and my imagination envisions only the Good.  And I understand and know that my life is in divine order, for I am filled with the energy and enthusiasm of Spirit right now. I choose to release and let go of all thoughts and feelings that do not reflect that awareness and my life becomes filled with the abundant joy of God.

With these memories of my communion with God flooding my mind, I now acknowledge that every thought that I think and every word that I speak comes directly from the Spirit of God that is within me.  I now know and accept that the Christ lives in me, through me, and as me, and I am set free.

Let us Daily Affirm:

“I Am Free with the Freedom of Spirit Right Now”

Blessings on Your Spiritual Journey
Juankee J. McKinney