Thoughts from the Heart

My heart is filled with overflowing joy as I anticipate the arrival of the season in which we joyously celebrate and affirm the birth of Jesus the Christ.  I am also elated as I contemplate and realize that the celebration for me and other students of Truth is more than simply about the birth of Jesus, but the birth of that same Christ Spirit Within Our Individual Beings.

As this date of celebration approaches, I think about how I have grown and changed and finally been able to acknowledge and accept that I am the Christ of God.  I think about those many hours of dedication and commitment that I have made to bring this Idea of the Christ into manifestation. I  AM overwhelmed with a sense of awe as I step back and observe the Christ living Its life through me!

This brings to mind the words of Paul who said : “ I live, yet not I,  but the Chris liveth in me.  As I ponder this Idea, I begin to think about exactly how the Christ has been living through me?   I think about those times  in my life when I was in great distress and how that Still small voice within my being said, “Do not be afraid”.   I will never leave you or forsake you”.  As I recall this experience, I remember the sense of peace that encompassed me as the Presence seemed to cradle me in Its Love.

I also recall times when I felt stuck and Ideas just seemed not to flow and how frustrated I became.  At those moments, I recall sensing within me the feeling that I should just relax.  As I relaxed from all thought, the Ideas began to flow and I was able to do that what was required for me to do.  I remember saying, I can always rely on that “something within” that always gives to me exactly what I need.  I learned to recognize that It was the “Christ Within”.

I also remember how the Christ of My being has taught me how to love everyone and everything and to recognize that It was simply all of me. I remember falling in love with the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and simply feeling a divine sense of love for everyone that I encounter in this life. What a difference It has made for me as I learned to live life recognizing that each and everything was a part of me.

I also watched the Christ clear from my consciousness the desire to judge by appearances.  I now am able to discern that behind everything that I see is the Presence of God working in and through all.  What a marvelous feeling to know that God is Present in every situation that I experience and see.  It indeed allows me to know that I am safe, secure and protected wherever I go because I now discern and know that there is nothing here but God.

I also became extremely elated as I became the beholder of the Christ working through me and going before me to take care of everything that concerned my life; ensuring that everything within my consciousness worked in a perfectly balanced harmonious way.

What a joy it has been for me to know that as I have willingly changed my consciousness that I am positively impacting the rest of humanity by releasing the Presence of God, the Christ, into the Human scene.  I feel so honored as I allow God’s Will and Ways to express in and through me.

So as we celebrate this season, honoring  the birth of Jesus the Christ, let us also honor that same eternal Christ that Lives within our being by acknowledging and affirming that there is Only One Son of God, The Christ which lives in the very center of our Beings—Allowing Us to Know and Experience that We Indeed are One.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and Birth of the Christ Within!

Let Us Daily Affirm:  I Live Eternally In God.

Blessings As You Spiritually Unfold,
Juankee J. McKinney,
The Editor

(Reprint from 2014)