Hello Unity friends of our growing UCC congregation, 

I would like to talk to you about expanding our community outreach and welcoming more diversity in our congregation. Unity has a powerful message of acceptance and validation of everyone as whole and worthy children of God. We emphasize our similarities, as opposed to our differences, and encourage people to be themselves. There are so many people out there who need our amazing Unity message of love and caring. 

I envision Unity Christ Church increasing our diversity in many aspects, such as drawing members from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, people from the LGBT community, people who consider themselves spiritual but not religious, more young people and families, etc. I see our efforts as being akin to community outreach, attracting others by our actions, not just our words. The growth of a church or spiritual center rests on its ability to serve the community, all of it. 

One way to increase diversity that we have already discussed is to rent a booth at the LGBT Pride festival. Many churches and denominations participate in Pride. Among them this year were the United Church of Christ, the Ethical society, the Unitarians, the United Methodists, Central Reform Congregation, Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), and St. Stanislaus. 

This year we were too late to become involved in Pride because the cost would have been prohibitive. But Unity Church of Peace has already expressed an interest in splitting the table and costs with our church next year. Therefore, we would like to start planning early, probably in September or October. 

If this is of interest to you, feel free to contact me for details. I am happy to share my experience in church Planning and Development, and my work as a Community Liaison and Business Development Manager. 

We really need your input and involvement, so please don’t be shy. Step up and be counted. 

Judy Townsend