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Dear Friends

As we are beginning the Lenten Season early this year, I am recommending Charles’ Fillmore Keep a True Lent as a fascinating companion for the 40 days beginning Ash Wednesday. There are 17 chapters to enlighten us during this time period, as well as 40 + daily readings with scriptures and affirmations to guide through the Lenten season.

One of the chapters that I like in particular is Chapter 5, “The Throne of Love” which talks about the difference between divine love and human love. Most of us have problems in this area – distinguishing between the human and the divine. As Mr. Fillmore states, “There is a distinction between love of the divine type, exercised by divine man, and love of the human type exercised by mortal man. It requires discriminating judgment to distinguish between human and divine love.”

Mr. Fillmore continues, “All love is divine in its origin, but in passing through the prism of man’s mind it s apparently broken into many colors. Yet, like the ray of white light, it ever remains pure. It is within man’s province to make its manifestation in his life just as pure as its origin. This too requires painstaking discrimination and good judgment. We learn by experience that love must be directed by wisdom. If we give up blindly to the impulses suggested by human love, we shall suffer many downfalls.”

 This chapter goes on to guide us in the discernment of love, of which we all need. We all have within us a desire to belong, we seek that sense of oneness. Cultivating our divine side of love will help us direct our human love efforts.  It certainly is a chapter worth studying!

Another favorite is the last chapter, Chapter 17, “All the Way.”  It gives us an insight to the true nature of Jesus Christ and just why we needed his infusion in our world. In typical Fillmore style, Charles Fillmore speaks ahead of his time referring to cells and atoms and energy exchange.  Jesus came as the Great Light to bring spiritual understanding to the human consciousness. Without his showing us the way, we would (and many still do) continue to wrap ourselves in the human darkness. Enlighten your Lenten days by browsing through this Unity classic, Keep a True Lent.             

Yours in Christ
Mary E. Biggs, LUT

Reprint from February 2013          

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Spiritual Tools For An Abundant Life – “The 12 Powers of Man” – Using the Powers, One Month at a Time


The Twelve Powers of Man is one of the fundamental teachings of Unity. Our co-founder, Charles Fillmore informs us that the twelve powers represent our subconscious spiritual faculties and are activated as we move from mere personal consciousness to spiritual consciousness and begin to train deeper and larger powers. These powers are activated by focusing our attention within and affirming them into action through the power of our spoken word. Opening and developing these power centers make it easier to enter into and dwell in spiritual consciousness.

Juankee J. McKinney

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