Unity Christ Church Garden

Hello friends of UCC,Garden

My name is Judy Townsend. I am writing to you to introduce myself and ask you to look around the outside of our church. This is what everyone sees before they walk into this sanctuary of Spirit and center for wisdom and education. Like a wrapped gift, the outside of our center is the first thing that catches the eye and draws people within to unwrap the gift.
That is why I volunteered to help care for our exterior green space. I grew up in this church and sang in front of a full house when I was four. When I got here last year, the roses along the wall in the back were not doing so well. They had developed fungus and rust, and vines were growing everywhere. The flower bed in front of our sign was full of weeds, and the ground cover in front was a host to a variety plants and grasses, making quite a mess.
It all looks much better this spring, and the whole wall is cleaner. The flower bed in front is perking up. But I NEED YOUR HELP. I have just started a small gardening task force. We met last Saturday, raked up gumballs, weeded the wall area, and transplanted some shrubs to the area around the church sign. The yard service has mowed and applied fertilizer and weed killer.
But there is more to do:

  • Replace the crumbling stone on the wall
  • Continue weeding back around the dumpster and in the ground cover in front as well as by the sign.
  • Plant a few more perennials in key areas.
  • Add some mulch and stone.

The biggest project is the wall. The crumbling caps have to be chiseled off, as they were glued down. It will require a sledge hammer and muscle. I tried and failed. I am investigating options now.
So please join us and help the outside shine as much as the inside does. Call me at home, or catch me in church. The task force will meet about every two weeks for now. We may even sponsor a garden luncheon as a fundraiser!

Love and Gratitude, Gloves
Judy Townsend (314-307-2188)
Lucy Johnson
Herman King
Mike Musielak