Minister’s Article

For all of us who live in the United States, we have been given so many things to be grateful for.  This month of July we celebrate July the 4th as a day of independence, freedom and joy for our ability to live in a country that has every freedom we can imagine for ourselves.

But freedom isn’t free!  It must be accepted as a Truth of my inheritance as a Human Being as well as a Spiritual Being.  Freedom must also be incorporated into my thinking and daily living in order for freedom to live and express through me.

I can be free in principle but act as though I am bound if my thinking is not firmly grounded in receiving the gift of freedom.

This month as we continue to choose each day how we will express our individual freedom we are faced with the choice of how and when we are comfortable with returning to Sunday morning church service.  Our doors will be open on July 12 and all are welcome to return to service AND all are welcome to continue to listen to our recorded service on face book and our website from home.

The wonderful thing about freedom to choose is that everyone gets to decide what is best for themselves.  When we choose to exercise our freedoms in ways that bless, uplift, inspire and embrace greater good in our lives we are truly able to enjoy what freedom can bring.

Everyday we can spend time meditating on the idea of freedom.  Freedom for ourselves, freedom for our family and friends, freedom for our Global family all around the world.  As we open our consciousness to a greater freedom, a greater vision of a world that is inclusive of diversity, a world that is accepting and compassionate and loving toward all people, we create a Unified World.

I ask that we all continue to pray each day as a Unified Unity family, for the health, wealth, success, and expansion of freedom in the consciousness of all people. 

I ask that we all continue to pray for the swift resolution to the Covid-19 pandemic in our world.

I ask that we all continue to pray for peace. 

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for and decree a permanent peace, uniting all the nations of the earth in a league of justice and righteousness, in which the life, liberty, and love of God shall be paramount.”  By Lowell Fillmore

Let freedom and peace rule and reign all over the world.

Rev. Leslie Venable
Spiritual Leader Unity Christ Church