Minister’s Article

December is already here and a close to a challenging year is almost complete.

As we join together this holiday season we can continue to remain at peace and sing praises to God for all that we have to be grateful for every day.

We give thanks to everyone who has participated in this church in 2020.  Thank you to all the members of the board, the greeters, platform assistants, prayer chaplains, sound and visual operators, office manager, as well as members and guests who participate in services and the activities we offer every week.

Unity Christ Church moves into a new phase of growth and expansion as we look to the horizon of a New Year in 2021.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated as we work together to spread the good news of Truth all around the world.

Let us all remind ourselves that with the unlimited power of God in Me, all things are possible.

What a wonderful promise to declare today. 

All the good I am seeking in life is possible because the power of the Universe is always showing me the way.  This New Year can and will be filled with as many new and wonderful things that I would like it to demonstrate when I keep my mind centered on the Truth of possibilities and never let that depart from my thoughts.

Mark your calendars for our Candlelight Service which will be on Sunday, Dec. 20th and our Burning Bowl Service which will be on Sunday, Dec. 27th.  These two services will help us to remember the true meaning of the holiday season and review and release 2020.

May 2020 be released and 2021 be embraced with love, joy, and expectancy for a year that is greater and better in every way than ever before.

God Bless and Let There Be Peace,
Rev. Leslie Venable-Spiritual Leader
Unity Christ Church