Minister’s Article

Summer has finally arrived.  The warmth of the sunshine, the bounty of beautiful nature expressing in the Earth, the joy of outdoor communion and activities has begun.

June not only represents summer but we have an honored tradition that is for the purpose of recognizing our human Father.

Happy Father’s Day!  This month we celebrate the special person in our lives who we call Daddy.  A Father’s love is one to be appreciated for dedication, provision, love, guidance, protection and faithful selfless service for a lifetime.

If it was not for our Father, we would not have been given the great gift of human life.  (Mom had something to do with this too!)

I give thanks for all that my Father gave to me.  Every lesson I learned, every event in my life, has given me a rich and fulfilling life.

Our human parents were channels for our life to come into the Earth but they were not the Source of our Life.  Our Creator is the only Source of all that exists.

Jesus called God the Father within. 

Charles Fillmore in his work-The Revealing Word says this about Father.

“The Father Mind is the living Principle, the Absolute, the Great Unlimited.  The son is the living word.”

When we know that the Omnipresence and I are One, we have recognized our true Father, our true heavenly Creator.

We honor both our humanity and our Divinity as we celebrate Father’s Day.

Rejoice, give thanks, honor the life that you have been given.  Embrace all that life has to offer you today.  The ups, the downs, the challenges, the triumphs, the struggles, even the defeats are all part of the great game of life.

The best is yet to be.  What a bold and exciting thought about life.  Whatever it is that I am to be and become, begins with me.

Thank you, Dad. Thank you, God. I will be the best that I can be and honor what you have given to me that YOU may be glorified in the Earth.