Minister’s Article

Every year in the month of September, Unity celebrates our traditional World Day of Prayer.  This month our 24-hour prayer power comes together with people all around the world on September 9-10.

Why do we pray?

Prayer changes me and changes the world!  Prayer heals, illumines, inspires, prospers every area of our lives.  When we pray, we connect ourselves with the Presence and Power of God, the Source of all our good. 

We model our prayer after the Master Jesus who instructed us with His words in Matt. 21:22  “Whatsoever thing you ask for when you pray, believe you receive, and you shall have whatsoever thing you say.”

When we pray, we ask for what we need AND we must believe we receive before it becomes made manifest in our experience. 

James 2:14  “Faith without works is dead.” 

Receiving is the way we use our faith in God’s power to draw to us all the good we are asking for.  In our mind’s eye, we see our good flowing to us and all around us like a never-ending stream of blessings. 

After we have made our request known and used our faith to believe we have received what we have asked for we expect to see the good we asked for to be revealed in our experiences.  We take action by looking for the evidence of the answers to our prayers.

Pray boldly, pray without ceasing, pray for what you want and what you need and believe that it is already yours and you will have what you say.

God’s good is unlimited.  God does not withhold our good from us so why should we limit good in our lives?

As our world continues to move through the Covid-19 pandemic experience, we all can come together every day in prayer for Divine Order to unfold.  We affirm God’s Infinite Power is moving now to bring peace, healing, comfort to grieving families, wisdom, and restoration in our time of great need all over the world.

When we make prayer an important part of our Spiritual Practice every day, we keep the channel open within ourselves for God’s wisdom, healing, and power to flow through every area of our lives.

You can join in on Unity World Day of Prayer virtually at Unity Village on September 9-10 on line at for prayer support.  You can join me on September 10th at 10:30 am for our weekly Prayer and Meditation conference call.

Prayer is the answer to all the problems of the world today.  I unite myself with the only Presence and Power in the Universe and in my life in prayer and believe I receive solutions to all that I have asked for.

Stay in Peace,
Rev. Leslie Venable-Spiritual Leader