What is the Lending Library?


Dear Unity Readers: 

One of the several services offered by Unity Christ Church is the LENDING LIBRARY. It is located at the south end of the lower level. The shelves contain books donated by members and friends of the church. The books are arranged alphabetically by author. 

Use of the Library is on the honor system. Just write the date, your name and the title of the book(s) in the notebook provided. Cross this out when your return the book(s). Please borrow no more than three books for three weeks at one time. Place the returned book(s) on the desk and a volunteer will re-shelve them. 

You will find books by Unity authors, New Thought, Self-Help, Holistic Health and Nutrition, Psychology, Philosophy and Bible Reference. The Bible reference section is particularly good for students of the Bible. Among other good source books, it contains the 12 volume set of The Interpreter’s Bible and the 4 volume set of the Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible. We also have a tremendous collection of audio tapes of classic Unity authors and ministers that you will not find anywhere else, but Unity. 

We invite you to become acquainted with the fine material in the Library. 

For more information, contact Mary Biggs (mmartbig@accessus.net) or the Church Office, (314) 727-6478.