Healing & Counseling

Unity began with the healing of its co-founder, Myrtle Fimore.  She worked for more than two years in prayer and meditation, and was healed of consumption, now known as tuberculosis.  Seeing Myrtle’s heath, Myrtle’s husband and co-founder of Unity, Charles became interested.  Through prayer and meditation, Charles improved a withered leg from a deficit of nine inches to wearing a lift in his shoe.  He no longer needed other means of support to walk.  Healing is part of Unity’s founding tradition and remains a vital part of our work today.

Spiritual counseling is a process of seeking the Truth within ourselves; i.e., that we are whole and perfect, and always have the wisdom of God available to us. Spiritual counseling directs us to the divinity within, and helps us to remember that all we need to lead peaceful, healthy, prosperous lives is already inside us. Through spiritual counseling we gain greater understanding of ourselves, discover solutions to our problems, and find creative ways to resolve our conflicts with others. Spiritual counseling helps us heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and leads to greater demonstrations of abundance in our lives.

Prayer and meditation are integral parts of the Unity spiritual practice. Unity teaches us practical, effective methods to pray and meditate in order to transform our lives in powerful ways. In Unity, we learn to pray, not as a way of trying to change God, but as a technique that aligns us with God’s idea for our highest good. As we awaken to our highest potential, our minds expand, our hearts open, and our lives are transformed.


As with most services provided at Unity Christ Church, spiritual counseling is provided on a love-offering basis.