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The Power of Awareness

By Neville Goddard
Chapter One – “I AM.”

All things when admitted are made manifest by the light; for everything that is made manifest is light. Ephesians 5:13

The light is consciousness. We are one in the light; therefore we are one in consciousness. The Power of Awareness is one of several incredible books written by Neville that deals with the power of Imagination. As June is the study of this power, we will take a look at this amazing God-given power.

In Chapter 3, Neville ad- dresses the mistaken belief by many people that our circumstances come to us from some outside source. Whereas we all know the truth is “All that befalls a man –all that comes from him – happens as a result of his state of con- sciousnesses.” A person’s conscious- nesses is all that he believes, desires and loves –all that he consents and accepts to be true; even his own concept of himself.
That is why if you want

your world to change, you begin with changing those core thoughts. In order to change your thinking, you must become aware of your thoughts. You must become of aware of the root of your beliefs, your ideas and your desires. Are they really truly your own? Or are you allowing the outside world to influence your thoughts and direct your life?

Neville leads us on a journey within ourselves in this book. He addresses our intentions, our attitudes, and our very essence of being. He instructs us to align our thoughts with the highest and best God has implanted in us. We are to accept the highest and the best, and he gives us practical ways to practice our thinking, to practice our imagining in God with persistence until we become that which we know ourselves to be.

He urges us not just to claim this for ourselves, but to claim it for others as well. See only the good for them and in them. Keep your eye single to the good, and check out this wonderful metaphysical classic in our Lending Library. Happy imagining this month!

Mary E. Biggs, LUT
Lending Library