Volunteer at Unity Christ Church

The Look of How We Do Things:  “Love In Action Ministry”

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We are forming a Committee for “Ritual Events”
Anyone interested in becoming a part of this committee to consider and make recommendations for the following “ritual events”, please contact Ru- dolph Clay or the church office at (314) 727-6478 or officeucc@att.net.

  • World Day of Prayer (September 14, 2014)
  • Possible Holiday Concert (December 2014)
  • Candle-lighting Service (December 21, 2014)
  • Burning Bowl Service (December 31, 2014)


Attend Spirit’s Call, Share Your Time and Talent .  Opportunities to minister abound at Unity Christ Church.  For an opportunity that feels perfect for you, use the form below.

“Your life has its roots in the invisible; its character is known by the appearance it presents in the visible.”  (Shanklin, 123)

Unity is a freeing message of Truth.  God is Good.  God is love.  God’s will for us is good!  God is within; we are divine.  Our message frees. Unity Christ Church welcomes all.  You are invited to share this messageof welcome.  Your time is sacred. Sharing ourselves is sacred work. This is ministry.  Welcome to thesacred work of ministry.  BE BLESSED AND BE A BLESSING!

Spiritual nourishment is vital to sustaining a healthy, vigorous spiritual life.  Unity is a freeing message of Truth for a world in need of it.  As we give, so we receive.  As we share our spirituality we are nourishedand invigorated.

Ministry Beliefs:

  • * God is Good and God is love; demonstrate this Truth by sharing with others
  • * Deeper involvement in conscious development
  • * Help make Unity a home for all people
  • * Join an atmosphere of growth
  • * Active service to your spiritual home
  • * Meet new people
  • * Be part of a team
  • * Pray with others of like mind
  • * Contribute to the consciousness of Unity Christ Church
  • * Share with others the message, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

For an opportunity that feels perfect for you, please click here to complete the Love In Action Volunteer Form.

“We do work and we love to serve because of [the] opportunity it gives the industry of Spirit to express through us.”   (Myrtle Filmore, Mother of Unity, 287)