Message from the Board

The Board of Trustees is overflowing with joy and enthusiasm as we enter the month of March. This month the Board has planned a number of activities that we know will not only be informational, but very enlightening as well.  We start out the month of March with our monthly potluck (March 3, 2018), but in addition to the tasty food we are having a presentation about the new harassment policy that has been developed for our church.  Following the presentation, the Board will be presenting the results of the three-session visioning process that we held in January 2019.   You all will be awed and pleased by the results of this process.

In keeping with the healing and prayer foundation of Unity, the Board has chosen to implement a number of programs focused on enacting these principles .On March 4, 2019 we will be starting our Noon day meditation service.  This will be a Silent Unity Prayer Service and a live meditation held in the sanctuary of our church, each Monday at noon. Following the meditation service there will be an opportunity for individual prayers for healing as well.  This meditation service will also be recorded and aired at noon on Wednesday and Friday of each week. 

We are also implementing a daily prayer/meditation service where all who desire will receive a daily Spiritual thought via text at the same time each day. All will be joining in One Mind as we pray and meditate together. More information regarding joining this activity and the process will be coming to you soon.

On Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 1:00-3:00 P.M., we invite the congregation to join the Board of Trustees as we focus on forming teams who will develop ideas and recommendations regarding the Spiritual Fortification and Fiscal Stabilization of our Spiritual Community.  We would love to have the full participation of our Community.  So please, call the church office and let us know if you will attend.  A light lunch will be provided.

As we continue to move forward in Faith we continue to, “Behold the Christ” in one another and we know that our Spiritual Community is truly blessed.

Let Us Affirm Together:” We are guided by Divine Wisdom and Prospered by Divine Love.”

Blessings To You All,
The Board of Trustees