Message from the Board

Unity Christ Church is again experiencing a transformation in consciousness.  As we move through this time of change, The Board of Trustees is truly thankful and grateful to you, the congregants of our Spiritual Community. We are so excited about your commitment to our church as well as the energy and enthusiasm we experience flowing in and through your consciousness; and the feeling of Oneness that is created by this level of awareness.

As we move forward in our transformation, we will be experiencing a number of guest ministers who will provide us with very uplifting and inspiring messages.  We start out the month of May with Dr. Marlene Bricker who will be presenting a Lesson entitled, “When a Door Closes…”  On Mother’s Day, Reverend Leslie Venable will share with us a thought provoking Lesson focused on the idea of “Mothers”.   The following week, our long time UCC member and Unity Minister, Reverend Lee Remington will share her wisdom.

As we enter into the month of June, Reverend Toni Boehm, a previous Vice-President at Unity Worldwide Ministries will be providing us with a Sunday Lesson, entitled, “Manifesting Abundance”, followed by a workshop that puts this idea into practice.   During the month of June, we are also planning to have a Live Stream of the Sunday Lesson from Unity Chapel at Unity Village.

As you see we will have a number of guest speakers and activities for you to experience. Please know that it is the Board’s intention to fill this time of transition with activities and experiences that will not only inspire, but assist us in our Spiritual growth and development as we continue in the transformation process.

We do want you all to know that the Board is consciously allowing the Presence of God to guide us in all decision it makes regarding our Spiritual Community. As we continue to move forward in faith, let Us together consciously Experience, Know and Affirm that, “God IS”, and there is nothing else.

Blessings to you all,
The Board of Trustees