Message from the Board

The Board of Trustees would like to take this time to thank all of you for your continued support and commitment to Unity Christ Church.  We are truly thankful, grateful and blessed to have your Presence and your consciousness of Truth as a part of our Spiritual Community.

As we move forward in this New Year, the Board is settling into a new state of consciousness as we welcome our new members, gets acquainted and acclimated to this new Board configuration.  We are excited to have our two new members on board and loving the positive energy that they both bring to the Board of Trustees.

We look forward to a year filled with new possibilities and potential as we continue to transform our Spiritual Community. Through our faith in Spirit  we continue to affirm our Oneness with God  and envision Unity Christ Church radiating Its Pure Light and Love  throughout our Spiritual community, our local Community and the World ; touching their heart, souls and minds and transforming the consciousness of all those who are touched by this Presence.

As we continue to move forward in faith, let us continue to be expressions of the One God and together continuously affirm:

“God Is and there Is Nothing else.”

Blessings to You All,
The Board of Trustees