Awakening Souls, Transforming Lives!

Unity Christ Church of St. Louis, Missouri is dedicated to teaching the transformative message of Jesus Christ in a loving community that celebrates the Christ Spirit in all people.


Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:30 a.m.

January Affirmation
I create a New Me, a better me…and thus create a better world

Weekly Affirmations:

January 7:
White Stone Ceremony
Guest Musicians: Deborah Sharn & Steve Schenkel
affirmation: I Put God First, thus enhance my life’s journey.

January 14:
Guest Musician: Doug Erwin
affirmation: I Put God First and am a pure & perfect channel of love.

January 21:
Guest Musician: Jeanne Trevor
affirmation: I Put God First and am clearly guided in all life areas.

January 28:
Guest Musician: Mitzi MacDonald
affirmation: I Put God First and am a Perfect Channel of Peace