Awakening Souls, Transforming Lives!

Unity Christ Church of St. Louis, Missouri is dedicated to teaching the transformative message of Jesus Christ in a loving community that celebrates the Christ Spirit in all people.


Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:30 a.m.

June Affirmation
Through God’s love and wisdom within,
I am guided to my highest good.


 Lesson Titles

June 4
Higher Teachings of the Beatitudes
Musician: Doug Erwin
The light of God illumines my way, and I see clearly.


June 11
Higher Teachings of the Beatitudes —Part Two
Musician: Heather Hamilton
As I freely share my good, I am open to God’s abundant supply.


June 18
Higher Teachings of the Beatitudes—Part Three
Musicians: AJSR & Philip Gomez
I AM one with God and all is well.


June 25
Higher Teachings of the Beatitudes —Part Four
Musician: Mitzi MacDonald
Divine order is established in me as I let go and let God.